Casting Off my Womb by Casey Jenkins

article-2518107-19D779E200000578-70_644x439This performance piece is quite unique from any I have ever came across before. It is a 28 day piece where the artist knits from her vagina. The reason I found this interesting is that the natural process of menstruation in women is seen as repulsing. This abject performance is done with white wool inserted into her vagina so that blood is visible within the knitting. This piece reminds me of a spider spinning her web as this artist is taking her body and using it as a tool to create not just a knitted material with blood stains on it but an impact with the audience. It is quite an unforgettable piece as its quality is visceral in nature creating opposing ideas within the audience of revulsion and bravery. I feel that this work is addressing ideas of this natural process as grotesque and in some cultures women who are menstruating are isolated as it is seen as impure. In giving this natural occurrence in women a new insight as a process that shouldn’t be so repulsive, she has in someways made the piece something to change the way in which society can alter their reactions to this occurrence in 50% of the population.

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