PDP: Constellation Contribution

Throughout the year Constellation has given me time to express my thoughts and develop them regarding works of Art and the theories behind them. In developing my knowledge through psychoanalytic and philosophical theories I have discovered how we can respond to works of art through our sensory responses. By analysing the work of Francis Bacon, Berlinde De Bruyckere and Louise Bourgeois I have developed an understanding how works of art can express the sensations of being confined to the bodies we are born to. I have gained knowledge on how other artist express being within the body and through this it has helped me understand how I could develop this within my own practice as an artist.

I really enjoyed developing new ideas regarding works of art within reading the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein as it allowed me to intertwine psychology with the way artists express themselves. However, getting it down onto paper was difficult. I struggled with writing in a consistent way and trying to get my point across was difficult within my dissertation as constructing my ideas thoroughly was challenging.

Developing my knowledge of the body and how it can be expressed within art has not only gave me an understanding on how artist have done it within their own practices but along with the theories I have learnt has really informed what I am trying to achieve within my practice as an artist. In finding philosophical ideas on rationalism and empiricism in regarding to trusting our sensory responses to the outside world has given me a deeper knowledge on ways in which I can evoke more than a visual response from the viewers of my work.

The writings of Deleuze in regarding to the work of Francis Bacon allowed me to construct ideas of the body being a form which will inevitably decay as well as the sensations of the body Bacon creates within the spasmodic movements he allows his body to undergo in constructing his paintings. The ways in which Bacon captures the bodies struggle to escape oneself I found really interesting as it delves into themes I am trying to express within my own work.

Throughout my development in constellation I have questioned my own understandings of creating art. By understanding ways in which other artists construct the mental and sensational forms of the body to evoke an emotional response within the viewer has allowed me to rethink what I am aiming to achieve within my practice. I have gained in depth knowledge in psychology and philosophy on the body will become infused within my practice and context in understanding the human form. Constellation has allowed me to intertwine theories regarding the mind and questions like what is our existence within the world and how we trust our sensory perception within the works by artist whom I have admired for some time.

When I decided to develop ideas of the mind and body within the scientific experiment The Rubber Hand illusion I began to question how the mind works when looking at works of art like Cripplewood by Berlinde De Bruyckere. In developing my understanding of how the mind can adopt a phantom limb made me question how works of art can evoke the same response within the mind. Into questioning how this experiment allows us to understand the intensity of Cripplewood inspires me to create art that evokes similar responses within the viewer awakening them to the sensation of their own body.

When I was analysing paintings I felt that they lacked the bodily form properly as it was just an illusion within the two-dimensional plane of the canvas. I began to question how works of art can gain an emotional response from their audience within only showing one perspective on the canvas. I looked into minimalist ideas of how painting doesn’t contain the actuality of an object or being. These ideas informed ways in which I create art as giving more than one perspective is important in how we can physically feel ourselves within the work. I feel that installations and sculptures in lending unlimited visual perspectives to the viewer can gain a more bodily experience from the viewer. In building sculptures and installations this has made me more confident within the way I create my art.

Through my development in constellation I have grown both academically and creatively. By developing knowledge philosophical and psychological perceptions of the body and mind along with the ways in which artist have tackled these ideas of being within the body in their own work. This has given me a richer knowledge and helped me in developing a more informed context within what I aim to achieve in my studio practice. I feel that in developing my dissertation I have understood what I want my artwork express to the viewers. In deeply understanding the body and mind from all different elements it has allowed me to not only gain an in-depth knowledge it has helped me develop ideas which I am eager to try within my own art.

Overall I believe my dissertation has achieved elements of how we feel our own sensations within works of art. I feel that in being able to understand theories in depth in regarding to works of art that show elements of the mental and sensational forms of the body has allowed to see clearly what I wish to achieve within my own artworks. The impact works of art have on viewing the human condition has intensified due to artists delving within themselves to find a unique visual language to express their feelings and sensations and unlocking them to project within their work. This does not only bring us closer to the artists’ in-depth emotions but it also entices the viewers to respond with the reflection of their own fragility within the confines of their own flesh and existence revolutionising how we perceive works of art.