Final Assessment Key Points

My Professional Website

Finalised Artist Statement

5 Key moments- Documentation 

  • Gap Crit– My Gap Critique not only allowed me to install my work in different environments but it also let me see others reactions to my work and how they felt towards it.
  • Pillows– In using a domestic object everyone can relate to for comfort, I found a way to project my ideas of the body into them. This made me want to create a narrative through domestic objects that everyone can relate to, altering the meaning of these objects.
  • Leaving the Figurative– Through leaving the figurative form I created globular forms which allowed me to express the sensation of being within the body rather than the visual form of the body.
  • Trip to Derby to see how to Build a Motor– Wanting to make a kinetic piece of art I went to Derby to meet up with an engineer to understand the building of motors. This gave me the knowledge I needed to design and create my own motor
  • Initial Tumour ideas– The tumour series is a piece which allowed me to channel my core emotions into my work.  The development of the tumours helped me develop my skills in working with wax and other materials this helped with the making of “Phil” through the use of wax and wool to create its surface.

5 Key moments- Contextualisation

  • Cripplewood- Berlinde de Bruyckere This piece made me think about what I could use to represent flesh. After seeing this piece I started experimenting with wax.
  • Cell XXVI Louise Bourgeois– This piece of work made me question how to capture the human form as a symbol of a mental state rather than a recognisable form.
  • Paul Thek- Meat Cables– Meat Cables allowed me to question ways of installing my work in different environments for example around the building, high up or low down to make the viewer question if they were intentionally left in these locations or abandoned by the artist.
  • Deleuze on Francis Bacon– In reading Deleuze’s philosophical readings of Francis Bacon’s work, this inspired me to infuse myself not just physically but mentally into my works of art.
  • The rubber hand experiment– This demonstrated to me how powerful art can be and challenged me to create a piece which we as an audience can feel our own sensations within.


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