After planning exactly where I would place each tumour I put them out around the building. It was interesting to see how people reacted and interacted with them. The one in the small lift fell and people could have left it but instead they came to me in a panic telling me of it falling. I intend for these pieces to go missing, to crack and break and become more fragile each day through doors getting opened up on to them and other environmental changes that goes on throughout the degree show within the building. Some are in large public spaces like reception where no one would touch it and some are in the lift where when the doors close they can do what they wish to these tumours. I am really excited to see where they turn up, if they go missing or get moved around because I want people to engage with them however they wish. Tumours are not only a reflection of my experiences but are a social experiment to see how people treat them. They have no eyes to judge and are helpless this may make the viewer less guilty if they pick and prod at them.

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