Installation Progression for the Degree Show

Over this last week I have been building my degree show space. It has been a struggle to be able to make sure everything is in the correct position every time an element of the piece has to move for things like painting the plinth and final touches to make the space look professional. In using a wooden board I blocked the window in the space so I can have more control of directional lighting onto the piece. I want the light to be grazing the body gently and subtly illuminating its form so every grain of detail is intensified for the viewer to visually explore. I have used three directional spotlights all at different angles as to highlight it 360 degrees.

I used gumpaste to fill and cover any cracks in the walls to hide any blemishes that would distract from the piece and sanded any bumps down in both the plinth and the walls. I decided to have white walls and a white plinth to open the space out and allow the light to reflect off these surfaces. By being white this also creates a minimal amount of distraction so the viewer can zone in and focus on the piece itself. Through the installment of the space I wanted it to be less enclosed as this would draw viewers in seeing this globular form move in the corner of their eye. I wanted the area to be as spacious as possible to allow people to walk around the breathing body and be able to stand back from the piece and reflect on their own sensations they feel from looking at the piece.

I decided that I didn’t want my piece to sound too much like a machine so I soundproofed the inside of the plinth to muffle the sound. In doing this the sound is still there however it sounds less like a scraping machine and more like a wheezing breath which I feel adds depth to the piece enhancing the viewer’s experience.





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