Robot Blob Pillow


This developing product by German designer Stefan Ulrich is a pillow that moves to the sensations of your body giving the realistic feeling of a body next to you. I stumbled upon this on the internet when I was looking for ways to create my motor for my breathing piece. Initally I was interested in the way this piece mirrored movements of the body however as I began to understand the piece it became more than just a moving pillow. The sensors on the pillow react to the slightest human touch using artificial muscle technology this piece moves realistically as a human body. This piece was made to cure loneliness and aid our emotional wellbeing.

The Designer states – “People already bury themselves in possessions and shield themselves from real life with technology. So if robots and objects can fulfill all their emotional needs as well, why do they need other humans?” ( I feel that this design illustrates our need for human- like companionship and comfort against loneliness.


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