Planning where to Display my Tumours

These are rough sketches where I wish to display my tumour sculptures. In lifts, toilets, underneath lockers against walls I want them to be dotted around the building to make people question them outside of a conventional gallery setting and more in a social environment. These tumours symbolise the release of negative energy conjured up within our minds being extracted and discarded as unwanted. I am really intrigued to see how people react to these pieces and if they touch, move or damage them in any way. I feel that it is important for this piece to evolve over time throughout the degree show as some may fall from their initial fixed positions I wish to see if people ignore them or help them back to the place they were.

In having these sculptures within dusty crevices of the building I want people to feel their own bodies, their own veins and tightenings of muscles as they move. They are not only about psychological growths of anxieties but also of how fragile we actually are physically.

The tumours are also about the way we treat each other within the world we live in and how that affects our psyche. We can become jealous or envious, hateful or nasty towards each other. These negative thoughts create these psychological tumours that absorb any form of kindness and  grow putting not only a strain on the mind but also a strain on the physical body that can make us self-conscious. These tumours in creating them I have taken them out of my body and placed them out into the external world in forgotten places of the building. I want them to be seen and reflected on as unwanted as well as something that has gone wrong within the body that has been dissected, examined and then rejected from the body.DSC04054

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