French Pavilion Venice Biennale 2015

Céleste boursier-mougenot- Rêvolutions

I saw this piece at the Venice Biennale in September and it was one of the first kinetic works of art that truly inspired me to explore the world of kinetic art. Trees pulled out of their roots were placed around the Pavilion outside and inside the gallery space these trees slowly moved around the spaces outside and in however the ones displayed outside had the most impact on me. Without knowing that these were a piece of art I didn’t give them my full attention, only when I saw them in the corner of my eye moving did I realise this was a piece of art. At first I was scared and shocked however I became intrigued on how it was made. The piece also had a sound element of rustling leaves which was really realistic. The artist’s intention for the piece was to be a reflection on the constantly evolving state of nature. By producing connections between natural and technological elements, the artist experiments with unpredictable relations between nature and culture.



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