Sound Proofing and Final Development of the Motor

In order to muffle the sound of the motor to make the impact of the piece sounding less mechanical I have not only fixed the motor to the base of the plinth but have insulated it with thick polystyrene and lots of clothing that was going to be thrown away.13078210_499666826907015_1602827235_o I was initially concerned with the motor overheating however I left it on for an hour and then two hours monitoring the temperature of the motor and the power supply and there was no difference. I believe it will not overheat as the motor works on the maximum of 12V but it is only being given 9V so it will be slower, less noisy and more effective as a suffering body breathing out what may be his last breath.

DSC03818Another action I have take was to weld bearings on the end of the moving steel pole to allow it to freely glide against the cam and put less stress on the motor.





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