Test 3 of the Motor

I remanipulated the wax and distributed it evenly onto the surface of the sculpture so that the weight is distributed as to not put too much pressure on the motor below the plinth. I will have to add thinner layers of wax if I wish to resculpt into it. I can thin the wax down with turpentine so it will not become so dense.

I have now tried the motor out underneath it and I am content with the movement as it is more recognisable as a “breathing”. However the movement may not be as subtle as I wanted as it moves and expands more, I want to re-manipulate and reconstruct some minor things like the cam size on the motor in order to make the movement more subtle and be more of a sculpture you see moving out of the corner of your eye. After fixing the motor I will try to insulate underneath the plinth to muffle the sound as best as I can

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