Robert Gober


Robert Gober’s works of art suggest the body through the use of everyday objects transforming them into sculptures. Using a bag filled with a dense material he slouches it against the wall creating bodily folds and makes them permanent by using wax and resin to make a visual likeness to the human body. Gober adds human hair to the male torsos he makes to give the look of chest hair. Untitled, a torso of a male is slouched against a wall firstly looking realisting however under closer inspection the body shape is made out of an ordinary everyday bag. This work lends itself to ideas of body image and Freudian ideas about sexuality, memory and loss, themes which Gober also examines.

Within my work I am also investigating how to humanise everyday objects like the duvet I am shaping to become a globular, bodily form that breathes. Looking at the work of Gober is interesting  for me as I can see not only his use of material to create realistic flesh but also how he transforms the everyday object to express the slouched form of the body.

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