Creating the Tumours

Tumours designed to be displayed around the building

IMG_1981[1]Creating tumours along-side my kinetic installation I am also developing objects that respond to the building and the degree show space. Blob-like in shape representing bodily tumours representing the parts in the internal body that rot within us and uncontrollably grow like feelings of hate and jealousy and difficult emotional memories that has changed the way you function within relationships with others. I felt that the tumour, this very physical thing that weakens the body can also be represented as a psychological tumour or blockage that cannot be cured or taken away. In weaving the straws together to make the bone structure of each tumour I focused on allowing this negative energy to be weaved frantically into these bundles. For me personally it was a freeing, cathartic experience as I was pushing all my painful experiences that weakened me as a person into these bundles of wax and straws. I added many different things to these tumours including feathers, wool and my own hair. By projecting myself into these tumours I wanted to express how the internal can be felt by visually investigating an object that is recognisable as bodily damage.


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