Developing the First Layers on My Mound of Flesh


DSC03934After pinning this double duvet into the shape I wanted I sewn pieces of it together to create the groves and lumps within the flesh making them fastened to this shape so I could start developing the wax layers on to it. I bought some thick unwoven coloured wool in the colours of veins and arteries of dark blue and crimson and started pulling them apart to get tiny fibres of the coloured wool and placing it onto the duvet surface to create tiny capillaries. When I put more and more loosened fibres onto each section of the duvet I sealed it with a thin layer of wax coloured a pale skin colour applied with a paint brush. In sealing them they didn’t move and I could build layers up onto the surface putting the wool on and then sealing it. I repeated this for four layers of thin wax building up a veiny texture.




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