Developing the Form of my Degree Show Piece

In stepping away from the figurative I feel I can focus on the sensations to be within the body rather than the proportions of the body visually. By creating a mass of flesh rather than the figure it is allowing the viewers to visualise and feel their own bodily sensations and movements throughout the piece more rather than giving them a body to look at I am giving them a sensation to feel. DSC03787I feel that in connection to the wire rusty bed skeleton I want to create this mass of flesh out of a duvet as it would symbolise the body metamorphosing into a part of the bed. The duvet that comforts and protects becomes the body itself laying on this cold uninviting mattress that has trapped the being from escape. The wire bed also illustrates the psychological uncomfort the body is in. by hiding and becoming the mattress it has tried to escape from the world to find a sanctity in this bed but it is now forever fixed into this fragile state.
I felt it was important to have a used duvet so I developed it with one of my own used duvets that had the essence of me and others who slept in it already engrained within it. To create the form of the piece I began twisting and manipulating the duvet folding it in on itself and pinning it with safety pins to get the composition of the piece exactly the way I wanted so I could start developing layers of wax upon the surface that would look like fragile skin. IMG_1834

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