Artur Barrio- Situation

Bloody bundles found in streets of Brazil during the time when South America was under terrorism. These pieces were installed in many places across the city to address the political issues of loved ones going missing and being killed due to terrorist attacks. All of these visceral sculptures were named “Situation” even though there was more than one bundle installed around the Brazillian streets. Bario made the public confront his artwork as if they were pieces of actual dead bodies which raised awareness of the situation Brazil was in. Barrio endangered his life by emptying these bundles onto the streets while the public was present to elevate the publics’ awareness of these brutal terrorist attacks.

The way in which Barrio has installed his work to enhance the publics’ views on the savage way people were being treated is similar to the way in which I wish to install my tumours. In places within the building you don’t expect to see works of art to enhance the viewers own sensations of their bodies.




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