Trip to Derby and Kinetic art


Throughout this term I have been trying to investigate ways in which I can make my sculptural pieces become kinetic pieces of art. This Christmas I saw a piece in Chatsworth in the “Wind in the Willows” themed decorations, there was a large mole in a bed and his chest went up and down to show the snoring of the mole asleep. I witnessed how children believed it was real and were so fascinated by it, I want to breathe life into my work giving it an enhanced viewing experience like this mole piece did for children viewing it but for a broader audience. I decided to contact the person who designed and built the motor for this display at Chatsworth. I have only worked with small motors using the Arduino and I wanted to find out more about developing larger motors for larger pieces of artworks. The designer and builder of the motor kindly invited me to his studio in Derby to see and explain to me the motor he had created so I could develop my own.

Seeing the motor that he created surprised me as it was a simpler design than I was expecting. The motor was run from a 12V motor and gear-box powered by two car batteries with a cam moving a steel pole up and down pushing the fabric of the mole’s chest cavity up and down with a polystyrene dome. I instantly became fascinated by the motor and how the movements could be made through creating motors to certain functions to create kinetic works of art.

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