One of my final pieces I want to create is a dead form of energy that has been extracted from the body relieving it of mental torment. Being inspired my Paul Thek’s Meat Cables (Paul Thek, Meat Cables), the tumour series I am working on is something which I feel will be adaptive to the space within the degree show. I want these tumours to be lying around in dusty unused corners of the space as they are formed from negative energy and negative memories that has resonated with me for along time. Like Louise Bourgeois cells (Louise Bourgeois Cells ) I want these dead tumours to hold painful memories that has clotted my thoughts and caused anxieties within me. The reason I want to build this series of tumours because it will be me ejecting these negative feelings into something else and leaving my body allowing mental wounds to heal. I think they will be overall positive as they will remind the viewer of the painful moments in their lives and remember how they got rid of this mental tumour to continue and make them stronger.

DSC03c06The tumour is a bundle of uncontrollable cells caused by cartigens within the atmosphere and environment around us. Tumours damage our bodies and are cut out in order from it to stop spreading. Tumours for me can represent emotional growths of uncontrollable torment and mental pain caused by bad experiences. The tumour in being rejected from the body can bee seen as something that was once there that we will always remember however in it being cut our from the body the body is now cleaner and healthier. In the bad tumour becoming good as it is outside the body reminds us of the damage it caused once but it is now wripped out and removed for the viewer to reflect on the past negative and hateful memories.

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