The Bed


I found this rusty bone structure from a bed in a skip and I thought I could use it for my final piece for my degree show. Artist have used the symbol of bed many times in different ways. I wish to tackle this object in a similar way to which I tackled the domestic object of the pillow. The bed holds a very personal connection with me as I have relied on it many times to block out my problems and to hide from the world. The bed is somewhere you go when you feel fragile, unwell and tired, it is a place you can trust to comfort and protect you. The bed is a place of sanctity, a place to make love, a place to die. The bed is a symbol of home and is a safe haven for everyone. With this bed, it is cold and uninviting that’s what attracted me to it. Using this bed within my work will allow me to tackle the ideas of how we can be engulfed my our beds during fragile moments in our lives. People have become victims of their beds relying them for comfort during depression and other issues, however the bed can become your cage holding you captive. This idea of our trust broken by the bed and it is is causing pain to our bodies I feel will connect to many people as several people have had negative experiences where they have been bed ridden. The bed has become the predator and you are its prey holding you down. Quite painful experiences occur within the bed but overall I want to express the bed as a cage of depression holding the fragile body captive.

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