Artist Statement Development

My work aims to emphasise the sensation of existing within the bounds of human flesh. By creating these abject forms of the body I wish to bring awareness of the viewers’ own fragility and existence as a human being. In creating my visceral sculptures and installations I want to make the viewer aware of the body they are encapsulated in. In the properties of wax I find ways of creating layers of damaged flesh and in doing this I aim to draw my work closer to the sensation of being within the body. The duality of wax signifies exposure to manipulation and wounds both mentally or physically, the malleability of wax represents the healing process and formation of a scar in hardened wax. This process of creating the feeling of physical pain onto the body, I translate the mental form of “body” by making it have a physical presence within my work. In using this material to create my sculpture, I am encapsulating the sensation of existing within the mortal flesh and bodies we are bound to.

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