Leaving the Figurative

In my work I have been tackling the figure in relation to expressing the fragility of the human form and the sensations of being bound to your own mortal flesh. Through revaluation I feel that I do not need the figure structure to create this statement. The figure does imply it is human however I don’t feel it is necessary to express the fragility of mankind. The figure structure restricts me as an artist to develop the true sensations and internal mental states we all seem to suffer from. Within my work the figurative form gives the expression of the outer, physical body, this I feel personally is too literal to express sensation of the body and limits the audience to seeing another person rather than feeling themselves within the piece fully. I feel that my approach towards my degree show my work will be more globular in structure, containing the skills I have gained through using wax on different materials and developing my professional skills with the wax to create the sensation of flesh.

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