The Hanging Body


DSC03684I wanted to create a bodily form hung, helpless within my space to see if it would be an effective way to illustrate the mortal body and the sensations from within it. In making this figure, unlike the figure I made previously this year I was less precious with the application of materials to create the surface and structural form of the body. By using hessian sacking, skin coloured Nylon and bedding in this piece allowed me to build a less structured body form. The fight with these materials was interesting as it was a challenge to apply the wax in such a way for these materials to absorb it. The wax didn’t absorb into the hessian sacking making the texture of dried skin and the nylon did absorb the wax however when moving the nylon after the wax dried left cracks and vein like textures within the surface. I really feel that this figurative piece is stronger than my previous one as in being less structured, I allowed myself to enter into a mental state of destruction rather than caring so much about the outcome, the process became just as important in the development as the outcome. When all the wax dried onto the body I took a hammer and brutally attacked the body form making the wax crack and even fall off in areas. This cathartic ritual of purging onto the body allowed me to release built up anger and frustration onto the surface of the piece. I feel that it hanging is effective as it looks like a piece of meat that has been through so much pain and slaughter. However, I feel that I have made a piece that is too literal and too obvious to purely express the sensation of the body alone without it becoming a brutal murderous act.


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