The Pillows in a different Environment


The Pillows” is a very personal piece for me as it holds the intimate act of releasing energy like the scream into the domestic object. The fleshy and visceral insides are a representation of the negative energy being forced out of the body and making an imprint onto the pillow and penetrating it to create these wounds onto the surface. I decided to change the environment this piece was originally made for as it allowed me to not only see the it in a new context but see the public’s reaction to them. I took pictures of them within the natural setting of the park next to living and dead trees. I was really fascinated in the way in which the pillows interacted visually in the branches and cracks of the trees. The branches piercing the pillows really felt to me as if the branches were part of the circulatory system and the pillows were a clot in their function.

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