Summative Post- Documentation

Sculptural Forms with Wax


This Piece allowed me to explore the different ways in which I could manipulate wax to create the sensation of flesh. This piece was an experiment for me to find new methods of sculpting with wax as a material to build and create the sensation of being within the body. In exploring the ways in which I can pull, twist and contort the wax I further developed my skills to create the crevices of the body.

The Shameful Body


This was the biggest sculpture I have ever done in wax. I really enjoyed working with it and creating the many layer of muscle, tendons and flesh in such large quantities. In working with this scale I wanted the sculpture to be more believable as a mutated human body form. This piece was a challenge and in future when I take on human sized sculptures I will try to make them less angular and more ambiguous to the viewer while still retaining their human-like bruised flesh.

The Pillows


In using this domestic object we find comfort in, we naturally become apart of the pillow when we sleep in it. I started to collect pillows from those closest to me that were used and had stains, containing the essence of the owner. In the gestural pulling out of the insides of the pillows and manipulating them I tried to  make them like wounds. I wanted to capture the idea of screaming into your pillow and this energy and pain coming out of you and projecting onto the pillow. Overall I think I should have been more gestural and destructive in ripping and tearing the pillows as the cleaner cut ones could be mistaken for female genitals.

Gap Critique


This allowed me to hear what impact my work had on my peers in a gallery-like setting. This really helped me in seeing ways in which I could display my work in the near future and gave me ideas on how I can enhance the viewers experience when faced with my work.

Making The Pillows Breathe


This is an ongoing project I am hoping add movement to my pillow series. I want them to be able to breathe with the movements of inhaling and exhaling like the movements of a chest cavity. In exploring many ways in which I can tap into the psychological thinking of the viewer. I wish to create an experience which brings the awareness to the viewers existence within the bodies they are encapsulated in.

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