Summative Post- Contextualisation

Berlinde de Bruyckere- The Pillow


This piece for me inspired me to use pillows within my work. Berlinde de Bruyckere is an artist who has inspired me since first year to create fleshy mutated sculptures. When I first saw her work I was hit by the impact it had on me, making me aware of my own existence as a human. The flesh of her beings are bruised and deformed in some way encapsulating the sensation of what it is to be within a body.

Francis Bacon- Three studies for a Crucifixion


Francis Bacon has always been an inspiration to me. His work, visceral and mutated holds more power than any physically realistic painting. It holds more truths of what it is like to be caged within the body. The agony of the deformed bodies awaken you to the reality of your own mortality and existence.

Slip of the tongue- Nairy Baghramin


This is an artist I came across in Venice which caught my eye. It was not just her ideas of the bodies I enjoyed about her work but the way in which her sculptures and intallations were displayed. She challenges you to crouch down arching your spine in seeing her representation of the arched spine in the French Curve. I felt that her work expressed the ideas of being within the body in a contemporary and diverse way.

Slip of the Tongue- Paul Thek


Paul Thek was another artist that I discovered in Venice in The Slip of the Tongue exhibition. His work really interested me not just because it was of ways of representing meat and flesh, but the way in which he displayed his work fascinated me. In having the meat cables above you, the artist is asking us to change our perception of how we perceive artworks.

Louise Bourgeois- Cell (You Better Grow Up)


Louise Bourgeois’s sculptural and installation work holds the mental psyche of the artist. In Cells we can see fragments of the artists life being symbolised and represented. The cells not only hold a moment in time it holds the artist like a memory that will never go away. Her work from a psychoanalytical perspective fascinates me and makes me question how I could capture myself within my work.

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