Making The Pillow Series Breathe

IMG_1505I have been recently attending workshops in making kinetic mechanisms to further understand how I can enhance the viewers’ experience of my work. In my pillow series I would like to create the pillows with a mechanism that makes them breathe. The pillow, as being the artefact of energy left over from the release of the scream, I want the pillows to be as alive as the person who let go within them. Like a chest cavity I want the pillow to rise and fall just like the process of inhaling and exhaling.

IMG_1506In working with Arduino I have been trying to discover ways in which I could build a motor that does this within each pillow. Not only do I want the pillows to breathe, I want them to react to the movement of the audience coming closer to them.  I want the pillows to understand the existence of the viewer and breathe heavier and faster when someone approaches them in fear. I have been experimenting with an ultrasound distance sensor in order to track the distance of the viewer and in the near future I wish to program my pillows to breathe and react to the viewer making them more aware of their presence within the room.


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