Louise Bourgeois- Cell (You Better Grow Up)

Cell (You Better Grow Up)

“All art comes from terrific failures and terrific needs that we have. It is about the difficulty of being a self because one is neglected. Everywhere in the modern world there is neglect, the need to be recognized, which is not satisfied. Art is a way of recognizing oneself.” -Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois’ cells are fragments of her life being symbolized within these installations. Her work along with the psychoanalytical work of Sigmund Freud and Melaine Klein has influenced the way in which I create work.

Within this cage we can see two naked hands holding, there is no freedom for them.  The two hands holding emphasisises the spectrum of human emotion from caring for one another, offering  protection to the most intimate feelings human beings have for each other. Bottles of perfume are within the cell seducing the viewer, it awakes us with delusions of desire luring in their victim. There is three large mirrors allowing those within the cell no privacy.

“The tiny figure inside the stacked glass shapes is cut off from the world. That’s me. The little hands are mine. They are self-portraits. I identify with the dependent one. The world that is described and realized is the frightening world of a child who doesn’t like being dependent and who suffers from it. So the moral of this Cell is, you better grow up.” -Louise Bourgeois



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