Completing the Shameful Body


In building up the wax I attempted to mute the bright red and orange under layers in order to create flesh tones. I started to add red and blue dyed pieces of string to re-create the veins being detached and ripped from the surface of the body. I became less fascinated in recreating a realistic impression of a membrane of skin and became more interested in creating the vulnerable layers underneath. I wanted for this shameful body to be more naked and exposed than a life model. In giving the body no skin and leaving it unprotected containing clots of fat, and veins, it became a more visceral and meat like sculpture.

The shameful being cowering in the corner in pain, covering itself I feel is effective in bringing awareness of your own body and constraints. In being stripped from its skin, the cage of flesh holding us together, the being is bare. In trying to escape its own body it has underwent more pain, and has left its body exposed, damaged and cold.


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