DSC03242I was looking at how I can imprint myself onto domestic objects. In this series I wanted to explore the intimacy of the pillow, the pillow is something that comforts you that holds your weight and holds the essence of the owner. I began by collecting used pillows from those close to me, these old stained pillows had more meaning than any new unused pillow could have as they held the smell of the being within them. In contrast to delicately sculpting the wax I stabbed these pillows aggressively damaging their membrane to pull and contort their innards. I felt the energy in creating these was an important part as I wanted to symbolise the act of one screaming into their pillow as a sign of release and the idea that your innards come out of your body as you release the constraints you have in everyday life. The mouth is an orifice that you can escape from and I wanted to show the penetration of screaming into a pillow and the pillow being the left over artefact of this emotional pain.

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