Francis Bacon-Three Studies for a Crucifixion

Three Studies for a Crucifixion 1962

This Piece has resonated with me throughout my artistic studies. This triptych tells the narrative of butchery and imminent slaughter conveyed by the red and pink fleshy colour palette. In the left painting we can see two mysterious figures looking upon a cut in half body of what could have been a man or a beast. The colours retaining all ideas of living flesh in agony. The middle painting is a blood splattered bed containing a female naked form or wrestling figures. The painting to the right is a body with its insides exposed being crucified screaming in agony. The sensation of being within the body is captured rather than a visually accurate representation of the body. Bacon cleverly creates these paintings ambiguous as you cannot tell exactly what happened for the person to go through this physical agony but in this unknown we can reveal the psychological intent of the artist.


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