Slip of the Tongue- Nairy Baghramin

This was an exhibition in the  Palazzo Grassi I attended in Venice. This exhibition resonated with me as the work was universally about the idea of inviting someone to view on another’s Freudian proposition, and what once was private has become a kind of “slip of the tongue”

Nairy Baghramian

Retainer- This piece was at first looked like a lot of glass slabs smeared with some kind of lard to make it opaque. On further inspection of this installation each piece looked like it held bodily fluids and fat. Looking at these pieces I found myself feeling nauseous as I started to imagine the opaque areas as thick clotted fat collected from the human form. This piece however represented the mouth as a space or spaces that vary when the jaw is opened, closed or whether the person is speaking of not.

French Curve- A French curve is a template made out of metal, plastic of wood used by draughtsmen to draw neat curves. Baghramian’s 55 feet long and knee height sculpture has a spine like quality arching through the floor space of the gallery. Illustrating bone on the concave side you can see the hard material holding the piece together like the exterior of the body and the convex side like the soft fatty innards.

Slip of the Tongue- These odd phallic sculptures were displayed around the gallery space and restaurant being slumped against walls, tables and cabinets. These sculptures are not self supporting and are in someways flaccid and failing to stand vertically. These phallic shapes are Freudian and play on the themes of phallic symbols and their lack of power when not erect.


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