The Italian Pavilion- Vanessa Beecroft

Venice Biennale


This Installation was covered with slabs of marble which you had to peer into in order to see the figures and architecture within. This piece was made up of segments of buildings and women made of mainly different colours of marble and bronze. The slabs of marble closing the installation off made the viewer feel as if they were peering into a room which they weren’t allowed into. It felt that there was secret gatherings behind the slabs that the viewer was not invited to. This idea of seeing something you shouldn’t see made the piece more enigmatic than it would have been without the slabs.

When looking inside the piece you can see women figures covering themselves up these ones had heads the others that didn’t have heads were exposing themselves more. Segments of their bodies were found in other places of the room disconnected from the torsos or heads. The ruins of columns and the broken figures suggest the fall of classical sculptures.




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