Italian Pavilion- Nicola Samori

Venice Biennale

Nicola Samori cleverly takes classical Renaissance paintings and distorts them for the canvas to sag or be damaged in some way altering the way in which we look at such paintings. In changing the painting’s surface we are challenged to not only by the visual experience of the paintings but we are asked to see the deformations of the bodies through the sagging, contorted ways in which the canvas is expressing them.


Samori’s sculptures, made in marble become gestural as if they have been moulded in clay. You can see the movement of the hands of which it was made. However we are challenged by the idea that because they are marble, it would have been impossible to mould and shape the material in the ways in which we first believe. I found inspiration from these pieces as they may not represent a highly realistic form of a person but captures the ideas of the process of making and moulding the figure in this expressive way.

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