Summative Post : Documentation

Artist Statement

Art encompasses a huge spectrum embracing many facets of technique, delivery and presentation, from the old masters of Rembrandt through to the more contemporary creations of Louise bourgeois and Berlinde de Bruyckere and covers a wide range of mediums from painting, print, performance and sculpture to craft, video and textiles. The one aspect that any of these creations should have in common is to provoke a reaction in the viewer. That reaction may be on a continuum that ranges from disgust and loathing through hope and anticipation to love and enjoyment, the aim being that art should awaken its audience to the reality of their own existence.

This is why I feel, as an artist it is necessary for me to find a means of expressing what it is to be human. Through developing my drawing and sculptural work I feel that everything I create should relate, not just to me emotionally, but to those who look at my work. In creating my visceral sculptures I demonstrate the fragility of the human condition within pieces of bones from what were once living animals. In using this material to create my sculpture, I am encapsulating the sensation of existing within the mortal flesh and bodies we are bound to. I feel that when I am producing a piece of artwork, I am looking at how I can re-create the mental form of “body” by making it have a physical presence within my work.


These are the top five moments within the development of my studio practice this year. Each moment I feel challenged me and made me advance into the work I create today.

1. Bodies of Flesh– In experimenting how the body feels rather than looks when being close with someone. In giving the emotional response of the body a physical appearance I found out reasons why identity and sex isn’t relevant when expressing bodies that create unnatural movements.


2. Bone Sculpture– This was my first real experiment with using animal bones within my work. I feel this was a key moment as it was the foundation on which I would later develop my sculptural techniques around bones.


3. Substance Exhibition– Being able to get to show my work was a key moment because I got to see a response from an audience perceiving it. In addition it gave me the confidence to exhibit my work in the future.IMG_01632

4. Exploring Materials within Sculpture– In finding new materials to make flesh I could then create layers within my sculptures giving them a more visceral and humanistic quality.


5. Visceral Sculpture– In learning to lose form within this sculpture I gained depth and an understanding in creating veins and tendons with string and tights heavily dipped in coloured wax and bound to the sculpture.DSC00574

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