Summative Post : Contextualisation

These are the top five moments I feel have made me explore and develop my understanding of artworks and theories and in turn develop my understanding of what I want to achieve within my work.

1.Subject Brief – This moment allowed me to set challenges for myself though out the year within subject in relation to the piece of artwork(Rodin- The clouds) I chose to be the influence to the work I created this year.IMG_20140930_132614321

2. Berlinde De Bruyckere- Cripplewood– In looking back on my trip to Venice I got to analyse the artwork which inspired a lot of my work I created this year. In doing this I got to understand more about the artists intentions and the reasons why she creates the sculptures she does.
Berlinde-De-Bruyckere_Kreupelhout-_installation-designboom3. Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein– In reading about different psychologists theories about the human condition and how the mind works. This helped me develop the knowledge which is the context to a lot of the work I create today.

97801411838004. Berlinde de Bruyckere at Hauser and Wirth– Going to London and getting to experience Berlinde De Bruyckere’s work with less crowds than in the Venice Beinnale. This let me discover more about the sculptures she produces from first hand experience of viewing the work and sketching it. IMG_9881

5. Deleuze on Francis Bacon – In discovering this book I got to understand the work of Francis Bacon from a philosophical point of view. This book has had a significant impact in the way in which I perceive the artists work as well as my own. 51epQxFI9gL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

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