Summative Reflection for Field Assessment

Painting Performance –

Within this module I was challenged and taken out of my comfort zone of making conscious decisions of what I wanted to achieve at the end of the making process within my work. The boundaries and limits I was setting myself and the structure in which I created work before this experience were strongly questioned. In opening myself up to a broader understanding I learnt how I can express myself in developing my own personal language within the flow of paint, from the energy of my body onto the paper onto which it landed. In daring to express myself within the present moment of performance, it helped me release bad energy like worries and insecurities out of my body and project them into the work. I came to an understanding that the process of making and creating is just as important as the final outcome of the work I was producing.

Working within groups was beneficial for me as it helped me to develop my team building skills, learning from others, from different techniques to bring all our ideas together creating our own unique performances. Working within a team in this module helped me gain confidence within myself and my practice as well as gain confidence to perform in front of my peers, something which I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before this experience. In seeing the hard work pay off within our group by getting a 1st class mark for our final performance really made the dedication that all of us put in feel that it was appreciated by our tutor. This experience has given me the self-assurance that I can further develop the ideas that have arisen from this module. This experience has not only enhanced my confidence and knowledge of performing and performance art, but it has also helped me develop technical skills in video editing, using film to capture the performance process and has helped me develop new skills with different computer software packages that I wouldn’t have known about without this module. In learning these skills I have come to understand the fundamental components that have to be considered and understood before the performance is completed.

Overall I feel that the knowledge I gained from painting performance will contribute to my subject work as it has given me the confidence and skills to be freer within my practice. Within painting performance I learnt that the process of making and producing art is just as important as the final outcome. In understanding this, I feel that this way of making will help me to encapsulate more emotion and meaning within my work and practice. Participating in this area of performance art has made me more aware of myself, developing different skills and ideas to capture both the physical and mental aspects of myself within my work which I will carry into and develop in my future work.

Art and the Conscious Mind

In the second field module, Art and the conscious mind, I got to delve further into what is consciousness and how significant an element it is for us as human beings to have. Each week we had a lecture which was filled with lots of philosophical and psychological information and examples. After each lecture I felt that I needed to do some research into the background of the topics we came across each week to keep up with understanding of the material we were given. Each week the logic of what we thought was right was challenged and questioned with evidence and theories that contradicted our everyday thinking. I feel that I learnt a lot about how the conscious and unconscious mind responds to visual information and how our perception can be altered and changed due to our awareness or lack of awareness of the world around us. These lectures and practical sessions, made me delve deeper into works of art I have enjoyed before-hand and see the mind of the artist through the work. Something which I found extremely interesting was that in looking at paintings we can identify humans and landscapes unconsciously within them as if they were a window into that time period and the eye with which the artist has seen. However, at the same time, we are aware consciously that the painting we are looking at is not living and is just mud placed on a canvas to represent something. Another piece of information that resonated with me within Art and the conscious mind was how, as Sigmund Freud said, we are the only beings that can reflect on our feelings, we can see that we see, feel that we feel. We can reflect back our experiences with the world and as artists I believe that we reflect this back through our artwork. I believe that there is a part of the artist within the work and a part of the experience in which, as viewers, we can share and in contrast have our own experiences projected onto a piece of art.

I believe, Art and the conscious mind has influenced me and my work as it has opened my mind into ways of thinking about my work in a philosophical, psychological and spiritual way. It has unearthed my Ideas about the body and where boundaries between the mind and the outside world lie and it has also made me think deeply about my sculptural and painting work I have previously made within the subject. I feel that this module has given me more knowledge and understanding of the conscious mind giving me a foundation on which I can further build my knowledge. I have learnt, through further reading, of how the mind works when faced with art. This will help me in developing my ideas and outcomes this year, giving me a basic knowledge which I can build upon and develop through into my final year.

Overall Reflection

Overall I feel that both field modules have taken me down paths and made me explore and helped me gain knowledge and experience in areas that I wouldn’t have naturally experienced otherwise. I feel that with this expanded understanding of self and process this will help me in producing work within my subject work and I believe will resonate with me throughout my final year. I have been challenged in both the way in which I think about creating work and in feeling that the process of making and creating is just important as the final outcome. In both modules I was questioned and challenged on how and why I make the work I am creating within subject as well as how I can effectively hold my audiences engagement with my artworks consciously and unconsciously.

In painting performance by working in groups I felt team building was a key component which helped me develop confidence to freely express myself through the movement of my body and mark making. I got the develop skills of film editing and how to use different kinds of video processes to capture the performance, skills I wouldn’t have obtained without this module. I also got to gain a further understanding of how to create different performances and how planning is vitally important in creating a thought provoking and inspiring performance. Within the development of my studio practice I have become more free in mark making. However in re-evaluating my work after this module I feel that, it has made me more aware that I feel performance will not express the issues I am trying to capture within the present moment of my studio practice. Painting performance has made me understand and feel that in regards to my studio practice that I am going in the right direction in capturing the fragility of the human condition.

In Art and the Conscious mind, I got to expand my knowledge and in creating a basic understanding of what the conscious is in regards to visual perception. I wish to develop a further understanding through reading and deep thinking, as well as creating work within the subject in response to the knowledge and information I have gained throughout this module. I believe that this has knocked down some boundaries allowing me to think more freely and has given me the ammunition to go out and delve deeper into philosophy and psychology in regards to visual perception and what it is to be human. Within my development of my studio practice, it has made me question what I am trying to capture within my work and challenge the context which I build the work on. The understanding I have developed within this module will have an effect on the work I create and make me question if it is of effect to the audience which perceives it.

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