Setting up my Work for Assessment

setup3setupDuring the last couple of days I have been setting up my work to be assessed. I wanted to explore ways of displaying my sculptures instead of putting them all on plinths. I decided to make cages out of chicken wire to hold each of my sculptures, I felt that this was appropriate as it extends the idea of being caged within the body you are bound to. In caging my beings I made them be like zoo animals, that people come up and stare at. I want the viewer to be able to relate to my sculptures within cages and feel a part of themselves within the work. With caging them I am putting them into a different position than if they were on plinths they are objectified even more when they are in the cages as if they mutated beasts. This plays on my ideas of metamorphosis from man to beast and I feel that I have effectively captured the fragility of human beings.


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