Visceral Sculpture


DSC00579In finding how wax reacted with tights and wool string I decided to create a piece in reflection to what I learned within field both bringing the freedom I got within painting performance and looking at how visual indeterminacy creates an opening for the unconscious mind to relate to our mental states. With this sculpture I bound the bones with no planning on a shape or structure I wanted to create, letting the string show as I bound them together.DSC00588 I felt as if I was trying to recreate the creature it came from without knowing what it looked like visually. In this healing process I wrapped the bones in tights and then began my layering process with the wax. In letting the wax fall more freer not trying to fix the drips the wax created I made a completely different texture from anything I have done before. Using blues and reds to illustrate the living creature that pumped oxygenated and de-oxegenated blood around its body to its muscles that it once used to be able to move. I feel that in this piece I was letting the material speak for itself and decide what was going to happen to create itself.

DSC00593When I started to use the heat gun on the sculpture not only did it blend parts of the wax on it, It ate away the creatures nylon flesh exposing the raw bone underneath with dyed string around them, representing the tendons and veins within the creature. When creating this piece I couldn’t help but feel as if I was inflicting pain on something I was trying to set free and help heal. DSC00589The ambiguity of the piece is something that I wanted as it make the audience go into it looking at the exposed body. I felt that this piece with no obvious limbs or head doesn’t judge you or look at you looking at it, it has in fact passed these stages and has suffered extreme pain as it has been ripped to pieces, opened up, experimented on, and ultimately used.

This creature has been used and is now useless it has suffered and in a way it is still suffering as it holds all the life meat does. In reading “Francis Bacon, The Logic of Sensation, by Deleuze”, I feel that this quote is fitting in what I wanted to achieve within this sculpture

“Meat is not dead flesh; it retains all the sufferings and assumes all the colours of living flesh… every man who suffers is a piece of meat.DSC00574

I feel that this sculpture is a victim, or a martyr that suffered for others. It is such a personal piece for me as even though it doesn’t represent any physical appearance to an animal or human it holds all the pain that it has felt within it, by being skinned, broken and pulled apart. This piece encapsulates the abuse that this creature went through to get to this fragile state of suffering.  DSC00587

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