The Fighters


DSC00603I have been trying different ways of creating flesh on to my bone sculptures and I believe from trying my larger sculpture that nylon tights gives an effective skin layer onto my wax sculptures which I can mold and create ripped flesh onto them. Within this sculpture I wanted to capture two standing, mutated beings fighting with ripped skin and blood coming from each of their bodies. both of them you can see in to the tears in the skin into the blood and muscles I created beneath the tights. Something I didn’t expect from these two sculptures is that they cannot stand up without the other to lean on. DSC00621This element yet accidental is meaningful as it represents that they both need each other even though they are fighting and hurting each other they both need each other for support and to stand. I feel that these sculptures needing each other is representing an unstable relationship, both of them hurting each other and fighting but they both need each other and one can’t survive with out the other.

DSC00619 DSC00623DSC00620    DSC00618

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