Louise Bourgeois- Cells

The subject of pain is the business I am in. To give meaning and shape to
frustration and suffering … The Cells represent different types of pain: the
physical, the emotional and psychological, and the mental and intellectual. When
does the emotional become physical? When does the physical become emotional:
It’s a circle going around and around. Pain can begin at any point and turn in any
(Quoted in The Secret of the Cells, p.81.)

The cells of Louise Bourgeois is something I am exploring within my dissertation, of how they capture the mental condition of the artist. I feel that her cell pieces hold so much power of in-caging you even though you are not allowed into the cells you can imagine your mental state being trapped within these cells with artist’s anxieties and fears encapsulated in each cell.

Cell-Eyes-and-Mirrors-198-001 lowery6-15-10-6

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