Exploring different materials with Bone Sculpture

DSC00516While I was making my larger sculpture https://danielleeadair.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/trying-larger-sculpture/ I discovered how nylon tights and wool react with melted wax. This reaction had an impact on the way I was going to approach my next sculpture. With this sculpture I used the wool and nylon tights when binding the bones together, after this I poured layers of coloured wax over the structure and using a heat gun. I burnt the nylon tights and melted the wax into the material in doing this. This exposed the wool binding the bones together giving it a sense of exposure into the burnt flesh of the mutated animal created. DSC00594

In using different colours like purple and blues in this sculpture gives the skin a bruised quality of the internal bleeding underneath the skin. I am pleased on how visceral this sculpture turned out, as using these materials helped me increase the visible vulnerability of the being giving. I feel in the use of these materials I have made it more bodily and raw as you can now see inside to the brittle being and dissect it visually.

DSC00521In creating this sculpture I felt that in deforming it I was capturing an animal which has been abused and ripped apart by others. This piece is a personal part of me as the skin has been torn in place exposing the veins and creating a mental body of the animal. It is a very unstable sculpture as it doesn’t stand up in the way I intention it, it always seemed to fall every time I positioned it, the sculpture chose its own position. The mutated animal fell into its own position as it was too weak to do what I told it to. This weakness and vulnerability is bound within this piece as I wanted to capture its body position as unnatural and in the way in which the organs, bones and insides seems to have been exposed by some violent act. DSC00599I want you to question how this being got like this, did it get abused by others or did it destroy and hurt itself mentally or physically. I want you to look at it and feel your own existence within it. You are fragile, mortal and easily impacted by your environment and relationships, this small and brittle creature is a representation of the deterioration of the mental and physical bodies we are encapsulated in

DSC00519   DSC00597DSC00530

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