Nicola Samori

20150511-135052.jpgAn artist I have recently came across is Nicola Samori for her paintings and sculptures. Her paintings are highly influenced by Renaissance paintings, however her work becomes contemporary for the way in which people are displayed within the paintings. The bodies and heads go beyond their contours stretching and extending out of the the mortal flesh of the being into another dimension. I feel that her paintings have more emotion than a lot of renaissance paintings as you don’t have to understand the bodies of faces depicted as a structurally correct anatomy. 20150511-135030.jpgBut in fact her work, both in sculpture and painting, gives us more truth of the being depicted mentally. Her work to me is giving a truer representation of the human condition than any renaissance painting could ever achieve with its limitations to look visually “correct”. I feel that in altering the structure of how we observe the human body, she has brought to the surface our existence beyond our mortal flesh.





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