He Took His Skin Off For Me

What Initially drew me to this video was the way in which the skin is peeled away from the body but on watching it in more detail, the skin removal is later shown and proved a great significance throughout. The reflection at the start of the video we can see a comparison of the meat cooking and him as a living piece of meat looking in painful, suffering but not showing it by physical expression. The stains and smells shown and described are very visceral giving us a visual and sensual experience of where he has been and the movement of his body. is his body being more open and vulnerable a bad thing? Is he becoming monstrous just to please the one he loves? In the part which his friends are asking questions about his new appearance and him giving “simple answers” but before he used to be talkative, he has changed not just his appearance but his personality, it is as if he is showing his answers without verbal communication, he is exposed having “less to say” and feels as if he is “already saying it”. It becomes apparent that he is mourning for the loss of his skin. Without his skin he becomes unclean creating body marks, he becomes envious of her skin.

This video could be interpreted as he took his skin off to become more attractive for her and could be taking a literal representation of the metaphor, that you should be happy in your own skin and happy the way you are.”Comfortable in your own skin”, Detrimental to the relationship, regret and tension is evident throughout. In the end in the grabbing of her skin can represent the collapse of their relationship. In trying to improve himself for her and changing for her and proving he would do anything for her, he couldn’t be himself as the removal of his skin removed the essence of him, changing him. He shouldn’t have to change to benefit her she should love him for the way he was.

This video is moving and visceral showing a modern relationship but using the metaphor of being comfortable in your own skin as the literal representation of the skin being removed giving us a view into sacrifices which shouldn’t be needed in any relationship.skinvimeo6

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