Constellation, Year 2 Review

During the beginning of the year the tutor I had constellation and had lectures with every week before Christmas was Jon Clarkson. Each week he talked about a different form of contemporary art and its position within the world of art. I found each of his lectures enlightening as it increased my knowledge of what contemporary art is and what its position within social and political aspects in relation to their audience and the many forms in which contemporary art can be found.

The essay we were made to write within 500 words helped me understand how to condense the key elements of what I am trying to say of the artist Berlinde De Bruyckere. This gave me a starting point to study and write about an artist I wanted to write about within my dissertation as her work has highly influenced me. I think this task was really helpful as it gave me a chance to get feedback from Jon Clarkson of what is expected of me in my written work.belgium-pavilion-designboom

The main lectures within constellation about the dissertation and the literature review I found both to general and I felt that they were just giving us the idea of what we are meant to do. In my opinion I felt that they didn’t outline the key areas very clearly leaving me to ask lotsof questions to my dissertation tutor.

BaconFredpope2The tutor I was assigned to for my dissertation was Jon Clarkson. I was very pleased as I feel that he would be most help to me in the areas in which I want to study. He helped me structure the question “How fragility of the human condition is expressed in modern and contemporary art?” This gave me a platform which I then started planning my dissertation proposal around this question. One Artist I felt I have to write about within my dissertation is Berlinde de Bruyckere as to me she captures the fragility of the human condition within her work in a magical way making the viewer’s aware of their own existence. He then gave me the book to read on Francis Bacon called “The Logic of sensation” which was wrote by Gilles Deleuze, a philosopher, This book gave me an insight into a philosophers perspective on the work of Francis Bacon. This book I felt that it really helped me to look deeper into the work of Bacon and in turn, look into works of art deeper finding more in them than what meets the eye.

My dissertation tutor suggested for me to look into the work of the phycologists, Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein. In doing this and reading Sigmund Freud’s “The ‘Wolfman’ and Other Cases” and “An Introduction into the work of Melanie Klein” by Hanna Segal, let me understand from a psychoanalytic perspective of the fragility of the human condition in the cases of adults that Sigmund Freud treated to the cases of children that Melanie Klein specialised in. Both had very different approaches to psychoanalysis where Freud was highly interested in the key role dreams played within the mind of the adult as Klein was more interested in the way children played with objects and toys in relation to their hidden phantasies. Looking into these phycologists made discover more about how certain fears and anxieties can become highly specific mental problems effecting the quality of life for those who suffer.

maresfie melanie-klein-and-granddaughter

After this reading I had two artists who I was certain I wanted to include in my dissertation, Berlinde De Bruyckere and Francis Bacon however I felt I needed more than these two artist to fully understand how the fragility of the human condition is expressed in art so my dissertation tutor suggested to look at the work of mamanLouise Bourgeois as she suffered many fears and anxieties within her life which fed into her artworks. In doing this I came across a journal article on the mourning of mothers of their missing children in relation to Louise Bourgeois artwork “Maman”. This journal article is on the way in which women came together mourning for their missing 30,000 children creating their personal losses into a collective experience of grief. This gave me not only an insight into the work of the artist but the fragility of the mothers which it consumed giving me a background of the historical context of the piece in relation to the people it captures within it.

I believe that constellation this year overall has been helpful in the contextualisation of informing my own practice as well as my development of further understanding what it is I am trying to achieve within my dissertation. I have really enjoyed looking further into what I want to do for my dissertation as I am naturally intrigued with what I am finding out and discovering about the human condition on what has been discovered and then further expressed in modern and contemporary art as our understanding has evolved.

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