DSC00664 DSC00665 DSC00666 DSC00668 DSC00670 DSC00671 DSC00672 DSC00674 DSC00680 DSC00684 DSC00691 DSC00727 DSC00728 DSC00729 DSC00734 DSC00742 DSC00745 DSC00749 DSC00759 DSC00760 DSC00764 DSC001727 DSC003742 DSC006184 DSC006371 DSC006618 DSC007249Within these photographs I wanted to capture being close to someone and being able to look into their pores and imperfections as they are letting you witness them in this vulnerable state. It is as if we are travelling into the semi-permeable membrane of the skin as a molecule being allowed to see the holes and inner workings of the skin and the fragility of its state. These photographs are very personal to me as they are a means of getting the closest I can visually to someones body which cages their spirit and mind. I do not want to show what the texture came from as I feel that understanding the whole picture and how it was developed would restrict the viewers imagination. It is not the creases or idea of aging that makes these pictures important to me it is the idea of opening up your soul to someone or something and letting it invade you as if it was a parasite feeding off you. We allow others to feed off us, to get into our cores. These Images are of the skin as the protector of the insides, organs, tissues as well as the mental and spiritual being, being opened and allowing entrance into the body as well as departure.

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