Isaac Cao Hui

organic02Isaac Cao Hui is an artist who makes furniture and changes them making them fleshy and humanistic by giving them insides mammals would have like guts and fat and other bloody tissue. He makes everyday object that we take for granted and makes them have a sense of life and death. He says ” I think artists really will stop at nothing to construct a truth that validates the self.” This is completely true as I feel beauty in an artwork isn’t enough. My work should evoke an emotional response from the viewer. For me I feel repulsed at looking at these objects that have been humanised and ripped apart. But again I can’t help but feel they hold the emotion of the artist as how he feels or how he feels in relation to these objects. He may feel ripped apart or broken down and reused, using skin and body parts also makes them look as if he has used actual dead bodies to create the chair which could be depicting slave labour. I enjoy them as a viewer and the repulsion I feel towards makes me feel fixated on them.

images images (1)

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