Trying larger Sculpture

DSC00431 DSC00459 DSC00462 DSC00464 DSC00468 DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00471 DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00476 DSC00477 DSC00479


I wanted to try a sculpture more closer to the human scale and without bones but with wax because I don’t feel, from my previous experiments with paint and PVA it didn’t give the true visceral quality I wanted to capture. I started off with finding a broken easel and breaking it down into sections. Then I bound the pieces together with wool and string I wanted to be in view through the wax to give the look of veins and arteries linking the bones and muscles together. I layered and layered this structure with wax but I knew very early on in the process that the bone structure gave the wax a quality that makes it fall into skin more than these broken wooden planks and blocks. I continued to layer it with wax thinking it would come together and become more mutated and grotesque. After my tutorial I realised that the smaller structures held more meaning than this attempt. I decided that I needed to either forget this sculpture altogether and move on or try to do something that completely changes it so I got loads of skin coloured tights and bound them around the sculpture. I then used my heat gun to allow the wax to melt through the tights some of the tights allowed this to happen some other areas didn’t allow this diffusion and instead burnt holes into the tights which felt like wripped skin and underneath is the muscle made of wax.

When finished I still wasn’t happy but when I started to explore closer into the sculpture I saw parts within it which I could apply to my sculptures in the future. I really enjoyed the way the tights reacted with the wax, It was unpredictable but what ever happened either breaking to show the wax underneath or the wax diffusing through the tights I liked both these reactions, The way the textures contrasting each other of the smooth and rough areas of wax with the hatched skin coloured tights. I think putting both these materials together is something I am going to try to do within my smaller sculptures in the future.

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