Freud and Klein

9780141183800Recently I have become interested in the work of psychology. I read the book, Sigmund Freud’s The ‘Wolfman’ and Other Cases. Within this book I have learnt from the first hand case studies of how Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis of his patients, found the core of which the anxieties have come about within the development of the mind. With the use of memory and dream interpretation Freud delves into the person’s state of mind, looking at how specific fears can evolve and escalate to impact the quality of life for the individual. The dissection of the cases outlined has let me see how Freud developed his analysis of different cases, and how the fracturing of the ego is a key role in each. I have discovered how different moments of impact through the development of the patient can link and integrate to create specific anxieties that evolve to develop specific traits of fear within them, for example during obsessive compulsive neurosis within his patients that caused them to act upon their fears and make specific choices within their lives to suppress the fears within them. This book I believe has helped me to broaden my approach to my dissertation as this work is of key importance of how we understand the fragility of the mental state of individuals suffering in today’s society. I believe that the work of Freud is of great importance to understanding the fragility of the human condition and the history of how it evolves in unique cases.

txt-melanieklein-2Without the foundations of Freud’s research and findings within his case studies other psychoanalysts wouldn’t have been able to evolve in the way in which they have, and unleashed specific ways in which the mind works. One psychologist in particular has come to my attention that has evolved Freud’s work in further developing his research is Melanie Klein.  Melanie Klein’s research was focused on the development of the mind within children, specifically to find at an early stage the way in which moments which the child experiences are never fully forgotten when developing into adulthood. When I was exploring her work I became interested in her findings of the “Paranoid-Schizoid Position” followed by the “Depressive Position”. These positions interested me specifically because they illustrate how the mind works against anxiety through defence mechanisms, using introjection and projection. “The ego strives to introject the good and to project the bad” this mechanism is a way of which we learn to deal with anxiety within an early age. This position is then followed by the “Depressive position” later in the development of the infant, where depressive anxiety and pain are encountered by manic and obsessional defences, deflecting destructive feelings onto others to defend their vulnerable states of dependency on their mothers. These positions found by Klein encapsulate the development of the infant in vulnerable and fragile conditions where they rely on the mother in order to survive. I believe her work is of key importance to the development in my dissertation of the human condition.

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