Bone Sculptures Together (Falling and Against the World)

DSC00388DSC00380  DSC00393

Both of these sculptures can stand separately but something happened which was also just as interesting when I put them together. The Fallen one seems to look like the victim and the one Against the world looks like it is dominating and in some ways controlling the fallen. When bringing these two together it reminded me of Rodin’s “The clouds” but in a more controlling reality that relationships seem to become. Both can survive without each other but when together we can feel the difficulties of their relationship. In some of these ways I positioned them both I never noticed until I looked at the photos after that it looks like rape and violence has occurred between them, both are as bruised as each other. Together we see a completely different scene of events unfolding between the mutated beings. The interaction changes within them they are both breaking against and folding in on each other both in pain. Both of them have the spirit of the slaughtered animal that was killed as the bones of it is present, but with the way I have represented the bones in unison with the wax as scorned bruised and broken flesh  they are not dead they are both dying but right now are very much alive and in pain.

The way I represented both the bodies I didn’t want them to have faces or genitals, I don’t want them to be specific beings, I want them to be a part of a human whatever they look like. I want you, the viewer to shrink down and look at them the same way you look into a mirror. I want you to see your own existence and fragility within them. I want you to wake up and feel them within you.

People have noticed that they look like small mutated animals and fetuses and in ways I agree they are as they are vulnerable and need care. I enjoy their size as they make you look in instead of being overwhelmed with something you can’t absorb or relate to. The detail within the smallness of them is in some ways I feel more powerful as they are beings smaller than us but we can relate to. I want the viewer to feel sympathy for them and using this size I believe I can achieve this effect better as they appear to be more helpless and vulnerable.

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