Bone sculpture (falling)


This piece I wanted to make the fragility of a human body evident in this piece by making it lose balance and fall. The being is mutated, bruised and is reaching upwards in hope that something will save it. For me it is important that I push into the wax with my fingers and mold it to be visceral. I want you to see the pain in the being as it is unstable and fragile. It knows it is dead or it is dying. It knows that it wasn’t wanted and isn’t beautiful. It is aware of its own state of being and existence. It is in pain bruised internally and ligaments shown externally on the body. I want you to look at it explore it with your eyes and see its truth, see that it may not be in pain just physically but mentally as it is unwanted and ugly. It has the human condition bound to it giving the unstable fragility of our mortality and our existence into this small sculpture to which you shrink down to to look at and explore your own existence within it.

I used more layers of colour of wax within it colouring the wax now with oil pastels which gives it a more vibrant colour than relying on the colour from the red candles themselves. I really enjoy making these sculptures and developing ways to make them look and feel more visceral and fragile in a way it is releasing something within me every time I develop each individual, unique sculpture. I bound mental fragments of my existence within them giving the dead bones to feel the pain they once felt when they were slaughtered again, I am not saying that pain is a negative thing as pain is a feeling felt when alive and without it how would we really understand our own existence.


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