Tutorial Feedback

Last Tuesday we had a group tutorial to help us get back into subject work and for our tutors to see how we were influenced by our field modules and how they will effect our subject work. I explained to the group how art and the conscious mind field module helped me realise what I was trying to achieve within my subject work and how I want to further my sculpture work as I feel they have a better effect in showing the human condition. I also told the group my worries about size of my sculptures and how I am worried about them being two small. I was reassured that size wasn’t an issue as they are small and make the audience go in closer and look into the deeper crevices within the sculptures.  The smallness of the sculptures was said that it gives them a seductiveness and have a feeling of mutated foetuss or animals.

I was given the task to try to make a sculpture in the same way but without the animal bones to see if I could en-capture the same response, using different materials with the wax giving it the same animistic qualities. My tutor reassured me that this may not work and my sculptures may need bones to create the experience of the sculptures. As artists we don’t have to offer the real thing we give our representation suggesting the real thing.

af7fc8c2 I was suggested to look at an artist called Cathy De Monchaux who makes sculptures and works of art using industrial items like pipes and metal to create rib-cages and cell like artifacts, looking at her work made me feel more confident about using material other than bone as she has captured the living being and the body with these cold machinery items.wound8 walrobinson7-1-14


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